Something fishy is going on

It’s interesting how many people have seen the word psychopath/ sociopath floated around and yet they still don’t have a clue what one.  Chances are they have met one, or may have even been staring one  in the face at some point in their lives and yet  because they haven’t had “direct” experience of one that its “none of their business”   Its a bit like the three wise monkey Syndrome.
They may read books from targets of psychopaths like mine with an amount of intrigue and interest and feel a certain amount of empathy especially if they have been on the receiving end themselves.  Some may even say things like “she had it coming, why was she so stupid” and yet the general population are being manipulated by psychopaths every single day of the week without even knowing it!  The problem is that so many psychopaths have felt so invincible for so long they thought they could get away with things without anyone noticing.
Its only recently that the whole picture has finally fitted into place for me.
Years ago I used to work on the equivalent of Wall Street in London.  I worked for a small american firm of stockbrokers just at the height of the feel good period when analysts and brokers made six figure salaries and spent their extended lunch hours entertaining possible clients, plying them with drinks and recreational drugs like cocaine.

Before I even knew what the word psychopath meant, in those days  it was a case of “if you can’t beat them join them” and I certainly didn’t have any inclination to become an “arse kissing“ sheep.  With this kind of mentality the new “golden boy” boss who had been appointed above me didn’t like my attitude and took my decision to leave of my hands  by selectively making me redundant whilst I was pregnant.  That was over twenty years ago.  My gut feeling back then was he couldn’t be trusted and was just motivated by his own agenda. He was later fired in an overseas post for fraud.
It was during that time that I realised at least that the banking system was “broken” and that some people weren’t quite what they seemed.  Despite what happened I felt like I was given a gift of freedom and  decided to go and work for myself doing a totally different job taking out a loan and retraining as an acupuncturist.  I knew I would earn far less that I ever could in the banking industry by my conscience was clear and I was doing something worthwhile.  It resulted in my husband at the time leaving because I’d been the main breadwinner beforehand and he couldn’t understand why I wasn’t motivated by money.

Although I certainly wasn’t rich, It wasn’t until years later that I had the run in with Mr Dark Soul after building up a relatively comfortable life that  I had a “direct experience” that would affect my life emotionally and financially forever.

Today I was watching a film called “I am Fishead” with contributions by Robert Hare and Dr Babiak, both experts on psychopathy.  The film explores the correlation between psychopaths and those who have become almost sociopathic by enabling their behaviour.  It’s an excellent film and comes up with a few solutions including why we have become so apathetic.  It also explains why those who see evil around us now should speak up and say no and  mot stick our heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist.  We all need to start taking responsibility for our own part in this psychopathic world that we live in were Wall Street bankers and the like have robbed millions of people of their hard-earned cash and homes and where corruption thrives in the system like a virus.

It goes on to say that “its our job to help amplify your silent voice and its your job to take action and say this is wrong!….So imagine that the most charismatic handsome person looks you in the eye and says you can “save the world” … The advantage of being in a “herd” is that when as few as 5-6 per cent the population becomes aware of danger nearly EVERYONE becomes aware. How close are we to the 5-6 per cent and what will YOU do?”

Many victims of psychopaths and sociopaths have kept silent for far too long.  Those like myself who decided to speak up and educate people about them haven’t done it because it was fun or to get revenge on our exes.  On the contrary, the amount of headache I have had by merely putting up the website and dealing with stalking from my psychopathic ex alone would be  enough to put anyone off wanting to even bother writing a book in the first place. Let alone finding time to do posts in my spare time when I am not working to pay off the bills I was left with.

What motivated me to write these posts and the book and get the message out is to same as it was back then.  I remember someone asking me why I wrote it.  I said “If I can help half a dozen women not have to go through what I went through, I’ll have done my bit”. Maybe not much in some people’s eyes but  imagine those half a dozen women educating another half a dozen and so on.  It’s because of that ripple effect that people like myself and others continue to plod along writing our posts and writing even more books about our experiences with sociopaths and psychopaths that eventually the word will spread amongst the mass population.

After all if people dont know what they are dealing with how can they deal with it?

Evil really does exist but what can we do about it?

Along the theme of “I am Fishhead” There are many people like myself “doing their bit” but I think the time has come for more conscious people to start working together and upping the volume so that the masses start to hear what we have been saying and find a solution. Those who do bad things need to start getting exposed and we need to stop enabling their behaviour.

Psychopaths can be found anywhere and as more and more people take responsibility that the 5 or 6 per cent who become aware increases as they  expose things such as corruption in governments, banking systems, corrupt religion leaders and so on .  The more all of us do this and band together , the more things can change.

Just because you haven’t had the misfortune of actually sleeping with the devil doesn’t mean you’re not having an indirect relationship of sorts with a psychopath right at this very moment .  Millions are being indirectly screwed right before their very eyes!  This is a direct experience  that will have a lasting impact for the rest of your lives  and generations to come.
People who are now starting to realise that they are already having a “direct” experience with at least one psychopath in their lives either through the banking system or through their workplace environment and its only a matter of time before it will become “their business” too when the world economy collapses  and not necessarily because they were “stupid” enough to fall in love with one or get into bed with them.

It’s then that everyone will start screaming “wolf”

People are becoming more aware but as George Simon who wrote “In sheeps Clothing” said in an interview he did about those lacking in conscience

“Sarah, if I might interrupt. Take heart, take heart. This is why we will necessarily wake up. The only question is how late it will be but this is why we will necessarily wake up . There is a most disturbing mega trend.  It’s worldwide, in free societies . The trend is that the responsibility hoisted upon the backs of those who are already responsible grows exponentially daily.

People who are relative neurotic, conscientious, and take their responsibilities seriously are asked to do more and more to make it all work every day. Those who do not take responsibility get away with more and have less actual responsibility placed on them every single day. This trend cannot continue ! It will not continue. Nature has built-in safeguards against that kind of thing happening for very long. At some point the people who are carrying the world on their shoulders will say, Enough. They will say that. And they will say about those who will not take any responsibility, they will insist that they finally step up do their fair share. It will happen. The question is, the only question is, how bad is it gonna have to get before that happens? “

Those of us “in the know” have known something was really fishy for a while now and yet up until recently no one really gave a damn because the smell wasn’t right on their doorstep!  My suggestion is that you have a look at “I am fishhead” and pass along and share before things start to get really stinky.



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5 responses to “Something fishy is going on

  1. Sarah

    I plan on watching this movie.

    Your blog post resonated with me. I’ve been financially vulnerable over the past two years and have had to live with other people (renting rooms in homes). Until then, my finances were stable enough to keep me self-sufficient and free from narcissistic parasites and other disordered types. So I had no idea how bad it is out there for anyone who is vulnerable.

    Over the past two years it feels like I left one abusive living arrangement only to end up in another one.

    In that time, I met someone in the business community who offered to make me business partner in a venture he was starting. It was a solid concept and a solid service so I opted in. No investment. In my desperation to stabilize financially, I overlooked a number of red flags and agreed to work with him. Turns out I was largely there to supplicate his ego. He also wanted me to fall for him romantically, which I started to do.

    After 6 months, we have severed ties, due to some offense he took with an innocuous comment of mine. I suspect he might try and lure me back. He is a cerebral narcissist…

    During the course of partnership, he gaslighted me about romantic feelings, had me walking on eggshells about being one minute late or not answering the phone immediately, he glared at me with a murderous look (which I found amusing and curious), and kept telling me how replaceable I was. He also touched me inappropriately. It was subtle, but because I was interested, I let it go. He also warned me on several occasions to never go up against him because I don’t know whom I’m dealing with.

    He has a platonic romance with another woman and in subtle ways tried to make it sound like he was undecided about her and wanted to get married again (the subtext being that he wanted to get married to me).

    From the beginning, I suspected something sinister about this guy but was willing to overlook it because of financial desperation and what appeared to be romantic interest towards me.

    For now he is out of my hair, but like I said, I fully expect him to try to make contact. Everything I’ve read about narcissists suggests he will because of the addiction to ego feed.

    This brings me to the point of your post. This guy’s exwife and daughters won’t have anything to do with him. People have a bad vibe about him…and yet, he is collecting women as platonic friends and most likely bullying them behind the scenes like he did me. However, If I say anything publicly, I will look like the crazy one. People are willingly wearing horse blinders.

    To people who are uneducated about the reality of the human dark side, it looks like I walked into all these landmines due to my own deepseated issues. When in fact, it was purely vulnerability and bad judgment due to stress and few choices.

    Because of my experiences these past two years, I’d like to do my part in making others aware about how vulnerable any of us can be–especially if something in your life changes and you need to mesh your life with others. Also would like to make people more aware of NPD. I’m just not sure what my role could be and how to go about it.

    • I don’t know if you have read Dark souls but it might give you food for thought. Its one of the reasons I am so passionate about helping others in the same boat. As for what you can to to help others. Read the book, educate yourself and then listen with your heart. The answers will come. Kindest regards, Sarah

      • deborah mcgrath

        Your site is a blessing The word needs to be spread about,these snakes.If the world would only take the blinders off we could heal as a nation!

  2. Haley Redondo

    Many victims of psychopaths and sociopaths have kept silent for far too long and its very true , psychopaths should speak out. It might be a good thing or it might be a bad thing but people in the world should be warned about certain people. Psychopaths think that they could get away with certain things because of their problems and characteristics but really that shouldnt be an exception for them to do certain things just because they think they could get away with it. In the movie ” I Am Fishead” it talks about many interesting facts on psychopaths and how they think. Very interesting movie to watch.

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