Cats or Dogs

Dogs or Cats?

I recently returned from a wonderful holiday in Turkey. It was my first time there and the town we were staying in had many stray cats and dogs. We stayed in a small hotel and one of a couple of the local feral cats had a litter of kittens. Being a real animal lover I couldn’t help but resist to sneak out a few tender morsels to help feed them. One of the guests commented that the only reason he came down for breakfast was so that he could sneak out a plate of meat and feed the cats. It wasn’t long before the local cats in the area realised what a soft touch all the guests were and would hover around the kitchen area in the hope of something to eat.

I have always been a cat lover. In all I have probably had over 28 cats in my lifetime since I was a child. Currently I have four cats and one dog

Whilst we were on holiday one kitten in particularly decision to take a shine to us and came and visit us in our room. We were starting to feel quite flattered and special that she was coming to see us every day. She would cry outside the door, wait to be let in and then come in and sit on the bed, purr and fall asleep. We were even beginning to feel a real bond with this animal. Usually I would go and find some food to feed her then eventually she would wander off.

However it wasn’t too long before I started to realise that we weren’t the only people she was playing this game with. She certainly wasn’t underfed and with a little detection work I started to realise she had a whole string of people pandering to her wishes and feeding all. Most of them were all completely unaware that this particular cat had a been in someone else’s room the previous day.

And there was I thinking that this little kitty had singled me out as “special”.

One morning I decided to do a test and see how she would react. I was sitting at the breakfast table and before long she was scratching and clawing at my legs because I hadn’t immediately given her anything to eat. Unlike the psychopath or sociopath who wouldn’t feel bad at all if they ignored an animal I felt really guilty for not immediately giving in to her wishes and when I tried to gently push her away because she was clearly hurting me she nonchalantly swiped me again with her claws for not giving her food.  Straight after she strolled off, flicking her tail in the air and went to another victim that would be willing to feed her. It was a real eye opener for me.

Midway during our holiday I was wandering into town with my son and a local dog started to follow us. It walked carefully by our side until we reached out destination and then whilst we were waiting for our excursion it sat down on the floor at my feet and fell asleep. I realised that this dog didn’t have an owner and that chances are I would probably find it sitting there waiting for me on my return. My daughter who had been looking after my own animals at home whilst I was away contacted me during our holiday to say that they were all fine but that my dog had been pining for me and sitting waiting patiently by the door in the hope I would return.

I was discussing with one of the locals, also a keen animal lover, why there were so many street dogs in Turkey and mentioned that I was surprised at how well they behaved considering they appeared to be wild. He replied “they are not street dogs, these are dogs that people had as pets and were kicked out of their homes. This is why they know how to behave submissively around people”.  He then said “Imagine the psychology behind being taken in as a pet and then petted one minute and then thrown out like trash onto the street”.

This is exactly how the psychopath treats their victims like a dog it no longer wants.

It’s in a dogs nature to remain submissive and obedient which is why dogs rarely attack their owners even if they are beaten or mistreated. In many ways the dog is very much like the type of person a psychopath searches for,  someone who will stick around and remain submissive no matter how badly their owner treats them. Dogs are not always able to tell the difference between a good or bad owner and for this reason they are far more vulnerable and like the dog they are the perfect target for psychopath.

In some ways aren’t we the targets of sociopath’s and psychopath’s a bit like submissive dogs?

That is until we start to realise that what we are dealing with is another species altogether. Many experts describe the psychopath as being an intra species predator, they look human, but they operate on a foundation that is more akin to that of an animal than a human.

Until recently I always assumed that cats and dogs were the same when it came to interacting with humans. however I believe now that when it comes to pulling the wool over humans cats have the upper hand. For those animal lovers like myself who love cats I apologise to cats for the following analogy.

Cats are in essence the ultimate sociopath

Much like the sociopath or psychopath cats are predatory in nature. Just watch a small kitten or cat bring in a live mouse or bird and see how it toys and plays with them. Rarely are they catching them for food. The cat is bold and independent and primarily selfish. So long as the cats needs are being met they will remain as pets. The moment you choose to ignore them and not pander to their needs they will not hesitate to scratch and swipe you or move onto the next victim or neighbourhood. Like the psychopath they hook us in by using use their looks charm and apparent sophistication but underneath the “pussy cat” exterior lies a predator in waiting.

When I finally returned from my holiday I was greeted by my loving dog who was extremely vocal and wagging her tail running around in circles the moment I entered the house. The cats on the other hand looked at me as if I a total stranger and then went immediately to the food bowl as if to say “where’s dinner”.

On a final note I wont be getting rid of any of my animals and I’ll always be a cat lover. Besides the cost of loving a cat despite getting what may appear to be little back is nothing compared to that which we invest in the psychopath. Just remember the next time you enjoying your cat sitting on your lap purring all happy and contented, Much like the relationship you had with the psychopath Chances are your favourite pussy is busy being fed and nurtured by some other soft-hearted person the moment your back is turned.



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5 responses to “Cats or Dogs

  1. Sarah, as you know I’m not just a cat lover but a cat worshipper. My kitty is extremely interdependent and follows me everywhere but occasionally decides I’m prey and slashes me. Oh well, that’s the price you pay for being close to purrfection:)

  2. …and far more rewarding! Cats rule, the rest drool:).

  3. Hilarious analogy between cats and sociopaths. Well worth the read.

  4. Dogs are in no way like human sociopaths. Animals have survival instincts and nothing else but they don’t con humans. They are faithful to their owners although many owners don’t deserve to have a dog. My dog would not move away if I did not feed him, that I guarantee but my ex-sociopath moved out of town when she realized I was no longer going to be her meal ticket and she was going to have to pull her own weight.

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